Friday, October 21, 2011

12 Minutes That Will Change You From Claire Wineland's Message: It's Just a Disease

     I have the honor of co-producing an event called TEDxLaJolla where spectacular speakers and musicians are selected to present their stories, ideas, music and adventures via a live video feed to the world.
     This year, from an open air stage overlooking the ocean in La Jolla, California, there was one speaker that received not one, but two standing ovations. Her name is Claire Wineland, and the best way to meet her and understand her message is to see her video.
     Tony Farwell, from the exciting new specialty site for the Military called and Farwell Capital, said after watching Claire's video yesterday, "It reminds me of a saying that means a great deal - 'After health, everything is profit' "   So very true. So easy to forget.  Claire is a superhero.  Claire has done an "Ironman" every day of her life.
     Click this video below to hear her story. Also, the photo gallery from the event is below - join us next year! You can find out more about the event, apply to attend and watch other videos at

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